Run to Tasek Lama, 20 Dec ’13

Below are the stats from the day of my previous post when I took the photo of the silly monkeys at the entrance of Tasek Lama. I mostly go to Tasek to have a little relaxed walk on the short trail with my friends, which is why I need to get my run done and out of the way beforehand. Yes, I go for a run AND THEN go for a little “exercise session” with my friends immediately after. It makes sense because my friends wouldn’t run with me (hopefully just for now), yet I still want to join in on their fitness activities too regardless. I suppose it does bum me out quite a bit that I still don’t have a running buddy but, such is life! I still cling on to the hope that they would one day decide to join me, though. The good thing about this whole arrangement is that when I push myself hard ย on the pre-meet up run, the short trail walk actually is quite the challenge. Mentally and physically. I huff and puff the whole way even when we take it easy on the hike.

I admit it ย – I absolutely love the torture! I’m totally set on the mantra that if it’s not a challenge, the cheque won’t cash (or maybe it will cash, but you’d be caught short). Hence, why. I wonder what people generally feel about this mantra. Is it being too harsh on oneself?

Anyway, time for stats!

Love, Brunei Runner. xxx


4 thoughts on “Run to Tasek Lama, 20 Dec ’13

  1. Looks like a great run! Personally, I quite like the solitude of running, although for long runs it’s nice to have company – it makes the time pass much quicker and it’s nice to chat away while running easy for a long time. As for making it hurt, I think it’s important to vary this on runs. Sure, on some runs I really push myself out of my comfort zone (usually in terms of pace), but I think it’s equally as important to balance this with easy runs. I need this both physically and psychologically: we still benefit a lot physically from slower and easier runs, but they are also more relaxing mentally. I think if running was always hard, I’d stop enjoying it and would risk getting injured. My usual routine is to run on 5 days each week: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I run a specific workout (such as hill sprints, 100m sprints or a Tempo run) and on Sunday mornings I go for a long run. Wednesdays and Saturdays I always go for an easy run of up to one hour. I love these runs, they are just playtime. I often run somewhere in the mountains or on the costal path and just enjoy the scenery and reap the rewards of my running fitness. Having said that, I think one the key is that you enjoy your running, this is just how I enjoy mine the most! =)

    • Totally agree! I do feel that most of my runs are “me time,” although I do get demotivated from time to time. It’s difficult to pick myself back up and running again when I feel like I’m the only one! This is one of the reasons that have led me to start blogging. Online, I find good souls such as you who have seemingly endless determination and not to mention masses of positivity! Yes, blogging runners like you help keep me going! I suppose posting my stats also puts a bit of healthy pressure on myself to keep improving (although I wish I’d improve at a much faster rate). I do, in fact, enjoy running despite my unrealistic expectations of improvement. To tell the truth, I BLOODY LOVE IT! Your weekly running agenda is all nicely set and planned. I must start doing that! Enter new year’s resolution! Thank you. xxx

    • Ahh you’re being too generous with the compliments! Thank you, sweetheart. I assure you I am no Wonder Woman. What you cannot see behind these numbers is a sweaty, red-faced wretch, gasping for air in the most terrifying manner! I absolutely appreciate your input. ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

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