Steady Run to Tasek Lama, 23 Dec ’13

Phew, was it hot!

This Tasek Lama route is becoming a bit of a favourite now. It’s not bad really. There aren’t proper pavements for the first kilometre, followed by some treacherous narrow road edge treading for the third kilometre, and then a full blown deep excavation/construction site that I manage to casually dawdle through. Brunei’s a bit too relaxed on health and safety issues. Maybe running in high-vis all the time makes it acceptable for me to be around the construction area?! The security staff just wave me through as if it’s a children’s playground, hence it MUST be fine. Not radical at all.

I actually had food poisoning the night before but nevertheless felt like I could really use a good run. Decided the best compromise was simply to take it easy. My poor tums did feel quite unsettled, though it was more a mere discomfort as opposed to major excruciating pain. I am adamant the decision to go is justified!

The point of a “steady run” is to keep the same pace throughout. I think I did well for someone with a very unsettled tummy! I’m actually happy with myself for once! The momentary dip in my pace below was because I had to clamber over a barrier which I probably should not have been clambering over… The daredevil I am. Check me out, living life in the fast lane.

Love, Brunei Runner. xxx

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