Long run in Bandar Seri Begawan, 7 Jan ’13, and water bottle blues

It was so hot today, oh ma lawddd. I thought I might give up from feeling mad thirsty by the second kilometre too, which led me to contemplate… Should I start bringing water on longer exploits? Carrying anything with me on runs do annoy me though! I don’t know how people do it. I feel so unbalanced carrying a bottle in one hand. So I keep changing hands. Then my arms start aching. So I tuck it under my pits. Obviously that won’t work either because the next thing I know the said bottle becomes a health and safety hazard. Naturally, it would fall right where I put my next foot down. I trip over, twist my ankle, and because I’m running right by the edge of the river, I fall into it, where I subsequently become a meal for the the local crocodiles, catfish and monitor lizards. Drama aside, my shoulders ache already just holding the scrawny sticks that happen to be my arms. How do I even win in this situation? I suppose I should really just stop moaning and man up. Get some guns? A baby bottle in a fanny pack would probably serve too…

Had fun though. The construction workers doing renovations at the handicrafts centre and security guards know me by sight now. I can haz friendz. I’m looking forward to much longer runs already! 50k’s by the end of the year? Now that’s a new year resolution.

Also, my Garmin clearly goes mental when I go under buildings. My best pace is superhuman.

Love, Brunei Runner. xxx

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