When nature calls at inappropriate times

Do you ever get those days when you get out the door feeling super, start off running in one direction still feeling super, and then some miles later, mid-run, seriously need the loo? Man, I absolutely hate these moments! What makes them even better is that they tend to happen only when you’re a safe distance from any public WC’s. I suppose long distance trail runners have these moments often and deal with them without any whining. (What about number two’s, though?!)

Before recently, I’ve only had to deal with these unfortunately timed nature calls on hikes where I’m prepared (and there are many trees in the vicinity to hide behind). Awkward. Anyway, I felt so relieved I was in the middle of a Bandar run the last time this happened. Walked into the shopping mall, but got stopped quickly. Not because I looked like a hobo, but what’s this? I had to PAY to get in to use the loos? I never bring money on runs! Anyway, I ended up begging some staff at a restaurant to let me use their loos.


Hope you’re running great, xxx

P.S. “Bandar runs” are what I shall start calling runs specifically around the Bandar Seri Begawan town centre. Probably not that worthwhile to designate a name since they actually make up 75% of my weekly runs..

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