A Coffee Run, literally. And LSD.

So I realised that my long slow distance runs aren’t appropriately slow enough, and hence, does not count as a slow run. Was reading around RW plus other running blogs and websites when I came to the conclusion.

Thus, I decided to attempt another lengthy dawdler of an adventure today. My friends wanted to grab a coffee after work so I thought I’d join them at the café, except that I’d run instead of driving over. I never thought taking it easy could be so difficult! According to the two pace calculators I used (1 and 2), I failed. As soon as I stopped thinking about my running pace I started speeding up again, which got me thinking – was my recent 5k time not one of my better efforts? Or is my long run too short? Perhaps the recent 5k race time I had input into the calculator didn’t particularly reflect my “current level of fitness?” (Oh, how ostentatious that sounds!)

My most recent 5k time was 28:40, which rendered the long run training pace to be 7:09 – 8:02 min/km. My magical 5k PB of 25:57 (that happened over 6 months ago) calculated the long run training pace to be 6:32 – 7:21 min/km. Much closer to what I was running. This gives me hope… Hope that I can smash that PB. That, or most possibly, I’m just running my LSD all wrong.

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The Magical Treadmill

So I went to a gym today for the first time in about six months. I don’t remember ever having a magic time on a treadmill. Ever. And in case you’re thinking it, no, I absolutely did not experience a runner’s high on the machine today. How sad would that be?! My first runner’s high on a treadmill. That would be embarrassing. Mortifying. No, even if I did, I would refuse to admit it. I imagine my first runner’s high to be a wonderful experience set in the most extraordinary setting. I would be running on a beautiful woodland trail by a river. The snow would be falling gently, and I certainly wouldn’t be tripping over anything at all throughout the course of this wondrous event… Enough on this.

I suspect the marvellous feeling today might have been brought about by the change in running conditions. Goodness, I forgot how easy running on a machine is! No inclines (unless specified, of course), no obstacles, no change in direction, no opposing wind force… I don’t even have to think about what I’m doing! I suppose the only complaint I have is that the maximum limit on the pace was 6:00 min/km (10 kph), which I thought was pretty odd? I’m positive all treadmills I’ve previously used have gone faster than this.

I guess from now on I’ll think of treadmill running as a treat after a difficult week. No pain, no gain. But if you’ve been working hard all week, what’s a pleasant, (relatively) slow-paced, easy run where you can fool yourself into thinking you’re such an amazing runner getting down all these miles like you’re nobody’s business. Life is sweet when you have access to a magical treadmill.

Brunei Runner. xxx